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A global livestream broadcast on TikTok, YouTube and other digital platforms to support indigenous peoples as they fight against COVID-19 and work for the protection of the rainforest and life on earth. The 6-hour event will feature performances by artists from around the world as well as remarks from prominent indigenous peoples’ leaders, activists, scientists and ambassadors.


This unique global event will:

  • Build awareness and support for the situation facing indigenous peoples and the rainforest.
  • Raise funds to directly support indigenous peoples’ efforts to mobilize emergency COVID-19 relief to remote communities and to defend the world’s rainforests.

What’s Happening Now

Indigenous peoples and other forest guardians are under threat from:

  • Lower immunity to respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 and a lack of access to healthcare
  • Increasing destruction of their rainforest home from a surge of illegal logging and mining while the world is looking elsewhere, exposing them to the virus and exacerbating the climate crisis
  • Threats and killings for protecting their lands and communities

Who We Are

The Rainforest Foundation is a unique family of non-profit organisations in the UK, US and Norway dedicated to supporting indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world’s rainforests to protect their environment and fulfill their rights to land, life and livelihood.

The three organizations collaborate closely with more than 100 local and national environmental, indigenous and human rights organizations in 15 countries in the Central and South America, Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Together we have supported the protection of more than 72 million hectares of rainforest.